Ever since I started college, I have been moving around. Every space I occupied was  Temporary. Almost every year I will be shifting to a new room or a new city. Its become the norm that I have lost any hope that someday I will settle down in a place and have a normal life.

But this has taught me one thing. One life lesson that everything is temporary. Things will change – either for the better or worse. You never know. You think life is going to get better and move to a new place and that is where life dips down and makes you fall down hard. You think that you just have to go on without much events in a place and that would be the place you have had some very good memories. Its fascinating in a way and frustrating in another way.

Either way what is yours today will become someone else’s tomorrow. This is a line from Bhagavad Gita. A line that resonates with me. As much as I have lost hope in a lot of things sometimes I think “what goes around comes around. Someday some good that I did might come back around and that would make all of this worth while…”

And I shall be spending my days looking out for that some day!


5 thoughts on “Temporary…

  1. “Either way what is yours today will become someone else’s tomorrow.”
    Of all the things in Gita!

    This is just existentialism and nihilism dancing on in our lives. We must think materialistically to motivate ourselves, our younger selves to have a sane life.

    The four phases of life are already divided up. Don’t try to skip them up, as did I. And, fail to enjoy the pleasure of each own phases.

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