My kind of meditation

Not sure about a lot of people but nature always has a calming effect on me. The sky, the sea, the moon… Things that are far away from man’s intelligence and knowledge. I have written quite a bit about the moon. But what about the counterpart?

The sun. Sun rise and Sun sets are always such beautiful things to witness. I recently started going on morning walks to the beach. A. It is very very calming. B. I get to see the sun rise on a daily basis. C. Its just an awesome feel to see the sun rays hit the water as the waves crash on the shore. D. It helps me get a tad bit fit.. πŸ˜› (I got my priorities set out yo)

I go pretty early just to avoid the heat which starts around 7 am. A Sunny day would be nice if it was windy enough right? But not often does that happen in a place like Chennai.

Just like the moon has a calming effect, the sun has similar effects on me when its not shining so bright and burning the hell out of us.



One thought on “My kind of meditation

  1. Meditation is rather stereotyped these days. I think the whole point of that natural zone out is the crux of that meditation. Music has to that effect on my mind. My mind clears out, I’m free to dwell on absolutely nothing at all. Pure bliss. I can relate to the experience that you’ve called out β˜ΊοΈπŸ‘

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