Baby Driver – Cool stuff bro!

I saw this trailer like a few weeks back and thought it was an interesting movie. Didn’t think much about it beyond that. I am not a hard core movie buff to know Edgar Wright (Actually any movie buff would know him I suppose) But I did not follow this particular director or his works much. Just had heard a bit about his works.

And then a friend recommended this movie to me. He suggested I watch it if at all it gets released in Chennai. So as I was bored today saw that there were seats available and went for it. Man! It was such a treat…

Right from the first chase till the very last one, even if you didn’t like driving or high speed chases you will sit gripping the seat as it goes on with precision and skill. Also giving the protagonist a not so common health problem so that there would be songs throughout the movie is an awesome move. How the driver syncs his actions and driving with the beats from the music is just amazing for me.

Ansol Elgort (Baby) is this cutie pie from The Fault in our Stars. He has done justice to the character which is very gutsy but still with a lot of humane in him left, it makes us root for him. We just keep wishing that Baby gets out of this alive when things go ugly.

The next awesome guy is the House of Cards fame Kevin Spacey (I know him from that series only 😛 ) His character emits power almost like that of Frank Underwood. The final half an hour of the movie shows a lot of character twists that will make us go “Oh F**k man!”

The biggest ally to this movie is the sound track. Such a meticulously chosen playlist. Each song adding to the thrill of the movie and just goes on making you want to listen to the whole list once you get home.

It sure is a fun movie and a good option among the movies currently running in theatres now!

Here is the link to the soundtrack list.



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