My Beach Getaway

We all need a certain escape from reality every now and then right? But then planning a trip, doing research about various tourist spots, booking tickets, arranging accommodation… Wow! That sure is a long list and it sort of keeps going on. And then the final touch down will be when the friends with whom you plan such trips bail out at the last minute.

Yeah it has happened quite a lot for me. And when I looked for touring agencies I came across Exoticamp. For a while I was a bit skeptical to make a trip by myself along with a practically stranger group. So when a friend of mine invited me to their beach camp I was more than just excited to go.

So this beach camping included a evening of fun and frolic by the sea shore, a wonderful dinner, a night filled with ghost stories around the camp fire and some star gazing through the night. Finally the next morning have some good breakfast and disperse. Sounds pretty simple right? Well for a nature/beach lover it is the exact kind of heaven. We arrived at the camp site and were welcomed with hot tea and some biscuits.  Once that was done along with some camp briefing my stroll along the beach began. I mean c’mon… Who wouldn’t want to just walk along the shore line and let the waves grace you in the slightest way but not get completely drenched by the water….

This was my view for the night!
So this is the kite flying session…

The organisers brought out some kites for us to try out. Ooh what joy! So yeah I flew a kite that was slightly smaller than me in size but it was too much fun to even try and explain. The breezy evening started getting dark as we pitched our tents and left our luggage in it. Then a sumptuous dinner was served at the Surf Turf Restaurant. Then the fun of campfire began along with some icebreaker sessions. After some really scary ghost stories and some meh ghost stories people started retiring back to their tents. A few friends I made at the camp and I had different ideas. We found a nice spot right by the shore and sat there or lied down on our mats. The skies cleared up a bit for some nice star gazing but it was more of story session with some soothing songs here and there.

Even as they all started dozing off, I sat there looking at the horizon. Noticing a few fishermen go about their routine of working around the waters. To see the night break into dawn. To see the shades of blue and grey change and finally become the lightest beautiful blue (it was cloudy hence no orange sky), it was the most calming experience I have ever had. Slowly people started waking up. Hot chai was served along with some biscuits. To sit by the beach and have a hot beverage is something everyone should experience at least once in their lives. The surf school began and we could see a number of people trying to ride a surf board… Finally some good breakfast was served at the Surf Turf Restaurant. (You could also order off their menu if you wanted something different)

I bid my goodbye and left the campsite with a huge smile on my face.

What I really loved in this camp was that the organisers were pretty friendly and were very very helpful. Sam, Sukanya and Bharathi (to name a few) almost kept running around to keep everyone’s needs fulfilled. The campsite was right next to the Covelong surf school. So it wasn’t really in the middle of nowhere. All amenities were provided and I seriously cannot ask for more. My major hesitation was that how safe it could be if a solo female traveller decided to camp with them, given that mostly I might be the solo camper. The organisers are pretty meticulous to not let anyone be by themselves. They engage us all and keep us occupied. I made some pretty nice friends there. And mostly will be going on more camps arranged by them…

You can find more info about the camp Here.


3 thoughts on “My Beach Getaway

  1. […] It all started when my bestie and I decided we both have to do an off beat travel together. We have never travelled anywhere outside together. So I started looking out for locations and options and that is when I came across Exoticamp. But then we did not decide it yet. We both were a bit hesitant about how good will they be with their claims. Yet I kept looking at every one of their events and would share it with her asking if we could maybe take leap of faith and give it a try. I actually started asking a lot of my friends if anyone would probably accompany me. And that is when another friend invited me for their beach camp at Kovalam. You can read more about that here. […]


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