For The Man in my Life

Prem didn’t feel like going to the lawyers at all. But he couldn’t put it off anymore. The lawyer had already called him a number of times to come and collect the will. They had already finished reading the will. All that was left was for Prem to sign off a few documents. When the junior came in with the respective documents he was carrying a small box along with it.

“Sir these are the contents of locker number 42. And here are the documents. Please sign where ever you find a x mark.” he spoke leaving Prem with the box and the papers.

Finishing all the formalities he came back home. He was curious about the box. There was never a mention about any specific box. His mother had pretty much told him what all she had in her possession. So this was a bit unexpected. Opening the box he found a letter and another small box. It looked like a simple ring box within which he found a ring made from white gold with diamonds studded in it.

“What have you done? This must have costed easily 50 grand!” he spoke to the picture on the wall opposite to him. Even though they were well off, it was not like his mother to spend such a huge amount of money on a single piece of jewellery like this. He figured that the letter must have some answers.


Hi Prem, 

I suppose you are scolding me for keeping aside something so expensive. I had almost forgotten that I still had this with me. I bought this ring when I was in my twenties. So that I could present it to my future husband. My parents hadn’t decided on a groom for me then. The ring slept nicely in a locker. A few years later I met your father. Those were really nice times. I was pretty blessed to have the perfect family. I had you and him!
You became everything for us. We focused so much on you that we forgot to concentrate on our relationship. He had to go. But you chose to stay. You were by my side through thick and thin. If I had to give this ring to the man in my life… Well I wouldn’t have chosen your father. You came first in that race.
Now… That should answer the question as to why you are getting it right?  I wish you all the best for your life Prem. You deserve nothing but the best. Go marry Usha. Create another beautiful family with her. Get that particular TV you had always wanted to. Go on that road trip with your friends. Get that Royal Enfield you had always wished for. Do all those things you missed doing because you had to take care of me these past few months. Chemo was bad. But I was happy I had you. 


With tear filled eyes he left the letter unfinished and wore the ring. He knew what she would have written next. She kept saying it ever since the day she got diagnosed.

It read:

I was happy I met you in that orphanage all those years ago. You were the reason my life turned around. You were my will to live. And you were my happiness. You deserve more than just the best! 



This story is written as part of the “Ride the Royal” contest organised by Mehta Jewellery. Visit their site for more such awesome menswear jewellery. This contest was conducted by the Chennai Bloggers Club

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