A Selfie Request

“Yes. Be casual. So how did you two meet?”

“Do we really have to do this?” An awkward looking Ajay asked hoping to get away from it.

“Yes!” His sister’s voice boomed from the background.

Chuckling at the response, Preetha spoke “We met basically because I wanted to get fit.”
“I started jogging about year ago. And one fine day I saw this really hot guy run past me. There was this spark for me, an instant attraction. At one point he sort of became my motivation to run.”

“We didn’t believe her when she told us about the hot guy she saw everyday. As it happens that guy didn’t come on the exact same days that I accompanied her on the jog.” Preetha’s friend said all the while controlling her laughter.
“After the few failed attempts of seeing him we decided that Preetha was hallucinating a hot guy so that she would feel good about the boring routine.” Another one added.

“I needed evidence to prove that I was not indeed hallucinating or anything. So everyday I would mentally prepare myself to stop this random stranger and talk to him. This went on for another month until I packed up enough courage to actually approach him one day. I told him that my friends were not believing me that I was seeing him everyday and asked if I could take a selfie with him. And the best part was he agreed! And the next day Ajay came and spoke to me.”

“So you guys met because her friends wouldn’t accept that you existed?”

“No… We met because I was intrigued that a girl just randomly approached a stranger and requested to take a selfie with him.” Now Ajay started talking.

“You see…  I was this other guy who would run past her every morning.” He said gaining a full pledged laughter from his better half. “I would see her everyday and we would make eye contact. Nothing more; Nothing less. Except one day I saw her taking a selfie with the renowned boxer Prem Yadhav. He was not that friendly to his fans or pretty much anyone who went anywhere near him. But this girl managed to talk to him and even take a picture with him.”

“I had no idea who he was until we both started dating.” Preetha beamed. “Ajay came to me the next morning and asked if I knew Prem personally. And when I said no, he said he wanted to know me personally and asked me out on a breakfast date.”

“And that’s our twisted love story!” Ajay grinned happily.



So that’s a short story I happened to whip up in my head a while back. I go for a jog every morning by the beach and that time gives me enough energy to come up with a lot of such stories. This story is a bit fun story for me because a part of it has been happening to me even now. Not going to reveal which part! 😛  





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