Choosing The Perfect Outfit!

Its raining weddings and engagements these past few weeks. On one side it sure is the best time to meet all your friends, dress up your best and have fun. On the other side it is a tad bit annoying when you have to literally bounce from one wedding venue to the other because atleast ten of your facebook friends are getting hitched on the same frigging day and you are invited to like three or four of them. While the bride-to-be will be stressed with getting all the wedding details executed well, people like me will plan our outfit for each wedding almost a month ahead. We will think of wearing all those party wear dresses we rarely get to flaunt. Or we will strategise upon wearing our mom’s old silk sarees that has been left untouched for a long time. Or we will start buying good party wear outfits and plan on wearing each one for every upcoming wedding.

So when I had gone to the mall to get something else I saw this utterly simple, elegant dress kept on display in a store. It was love at first sight. My father also agreed that the outfit was really pretty and offered to buy it for me. Mind you, I was not planning on buying any clothes that particular day. So I was a bit hesitant. Also when I enquired for the price it was a tad bit expensive than what I would usually wish to spend on a particular party wear. We did not buy any clothes that just as planned. But then I couldn’t take my mind off that dress at all. I kept gushing about it to any friend who was unfortunate enough to talk to me for the next few days. Then I just got over it and figured its better I don’t keep spending a lot of money on wardrobe. A week later we (my parents and I) had to go to the mall again. This time we had to buy clothes for an upcoming trip. Since I had ranted enough to my mother about that skirt and blouse set, she asked if I wanted to get it. I said no and we left the store. That night I told my dad that I honestly couldn’t take my mind of that dress and I seriously wanted it. We planned on going to the store the very next day.

We walk in to the store only to informed that the garment that we came in search of was sold out and they were not sure when they will get it back in stock. One sales girl saw my sad face and decided to call up their branch in Adyar to see if they had any piece left. Thankfully they did have one last piece left which was also in my size. I went in and bought it. Now after all this adventure I wore it to an engagement function the following weekend. And I rocked it. Every single person said I looked pretty in that attire. Too many compliments. It felt damn good. As if that dress was made just for me. It was The Perfect Outfit ever!

Now that got me thinking. Isn’t this how you should feel when choosing a life partner? I might sound cheesy here. But after watching so many fairy tales and rom-coms a girl would hope for such a magical feel right? That one moment where you just feel like you just gotta be with this person. That spark in you.That constant thinking about them since the first moment you laid eyes upon them. And then after all struggles, you actually end up with that person it feels right. It feels beautiful. Not just for you but even people who look at you think that its a pretty pair. Everyone adores the outcome. And there you feel that this is The One. There you feel that this is The Perfect Person for you.

Sounds pretty awesome right?

But then something did not feel right about this analogy for me. Something kept bothering me. I mean it sounds a lot like something taken off a cheesy romantic comedy right? Then it hit me. This perfect outfit that I chose, it was for a one day thing. Yes! I looked pretty in it. Yes, it was The Best Dress I have ever worn. Yes, the garment made me look my best. And yes, it was the perfect little thing that was made just for me. But then I cannot wear it while sleeping or doing household chores or even to work. It might have been an awesome and adorable and beautiful. But it was not the most comfortable or practical.

Same goes for life partner right? He/She should not only make the feel magical and what not but also should let you be comfortable in your own skin. Right? As much as this whole love thing sounds all cheesy and corny it should be that comfort food. Not the expensive plate of food you eat once in a while. Although its special in its own way, it is that one bowl of curd rice which makes you feel at home. So when looking for a life partner, don’t go for the one that makes you go all mushy and weak in the knees. Although that attraction works, you would still want to come back home and change into comfortable pjs. I am not sure which one I would label as love. For me both feelings are love. Maybe the same love at first sight might turn out to be the love that lets you be all comfortable and lazy. Or maybe not. But I suppose I will be looking for the comfort level in a guy rather that initial spark or fireworks or whatever that is.


P.S: Here is a link to the awesome dress I got. And below is me rocking the same outfit!


6 thoughts on “Choosing The Perfect Outfit!

  1. I also share your thoughts Raji 🙂 I will definitely go with a guy with more comfort level 🙂 as I already stated that’s one beautiful dress 👌🏻 Let’s name this whole experience to be as “The girl and her peacock dress ☺

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    • Thank you for the cute name puppy… I am just seeing a lot of people settling for the person who makes them get an adrenaline rush. But life and love is more than that right??


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