Kingsman : The Golden Circle


Kingsman paathutennnnnn!!!! (I saw Kingsman)

So the Kingsman join hands with the Statesman and try to save the world. This is basically the story. Add in some awesome actors, a little bit of sentiment and some cool robot stuff – you get a nice enough spy movie that mocks itself.


The first movie pretty much made me go gaga over the whole ordeal of tailored suits. Kingsman: The Secret Service was a fantastic mix of action and comedy that the movie went by in the right pace and kept us wanting more. But the Golden Circle was to a certain extent dragging in the first half. A lot of scenes that were pretty much unnecessary and illogical were present. The fight scenes were all awesome. The one in the bar with the lasso being used was just too good.

But then the villain as such was not too scary or strong. It was a woman who kept whining that the world did not know about her and she was sitting in the middle of nowhere. I somehow missed the power that Valentine had had in the previous movie. Oh, there is nothing like the church scene in this one. So don’t bother getting your expectations up.
May be the first movie had raised the bar so much that this one did not live up to it? I will never know.

The casting was pretty cool. Having Channing Tatum, Halle Berry, Pedro Pascal (this guy keeps having horrible deaths all the time or what) and Elton John was something to look forward to in the movie. Story had a lot of plot holes wide open that makes everyone raise a lot of questions. But hey, it sure was a fun movie.

Now that rewatch the trailer, pretty much all the cool/good scenes are already in it.

P.S Elton John cameo rocked!

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