Naan Meresal Aagiten!

So basically this guy put like some 20 movie scripts in a blender and got a final script and decided to call it his. Also add a few good actors like sathyaraj and s.j.surya to make the audience feel/relate something with the characters. 

##### SPOILER ALERT #####
I would like to start by requesting someone to do a comic strip for this wonderful piece like the ones vigil idiot does for bollywood movies. Maybe I should try it out? 🤔 

Movie is an aboorva sagodharargal look alike revenge story but these two kids are not twins. They are born like a few years apart. Yet the father vijay’s genes are sooooo dominant that every offspring of his grows up to be a clone of his. Guess he is like a hydra(that a sexually reproducing thingy) Moving on… This time atlee not only used tamil movies but he took up hindi and english movies as well. There were parts of saw, dhoom 3, Harry Potter, Now You See Me, Aboorva Sagodharargal, Theri, Raja Rani and what not. This guy ran out of juice so soon after entering the industry that he has to use dialogues and scenes from his own previous movies. Felt like I  was watching a lot of dubsmash videos at a point of time. 

S.J.Surya… This dude is slowly becoming one of those character artist fellow who will be casted in almost every movie from now on. As much as I  like him as a villain, his character did not make me want to root for the hero in any way. 

Vijay on the other hand wants to enter politics I  think. Dude… If you want to jump into politics, by all means please do. You will be one more actor who became a politician in India. Even with your blind fan following, you will still get less votes. So quit dropping such hints in your movies and ruining an otherwise decent plot. 

The story is simple. Little boy loses both his parents and his unborn sibling because of medical negligence. He takes revenge on whoever did it. This would have easily made a good commercial movie and you guys could have given a nice message as well via the film. Adha vitutu why go to the lengths of taking revenge for some random girl who dies in a similar way and then finally he gets his revenge too? I  don’t think that part was even necessary. All this tear jerkers and stuff is not helping the story much apart from making it lengthy as hell. 

The only female character who mattered at all was Nithya Menon and she is this super woman who would understand the bad guy’s plans even when she is under over dose of anesthesia and somehow informs that to her husband while she is seizing. Mudiyala da Dei. Either you make the heroines as dummy as our substitute CM or you make them to be like our PM who is frigging doing it all. 

And finally the way there is a scene even after the story gets over is just annoying dude. You are not frigging marvel… 

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