No is a No!!!!

I just finished watching the movie Pink. Yeah almost after a year I have managed to finish watching it. What do I say… It was taxing. It was pretty triggering for me. For a person who could relate so much with Minal Arora, Falak Ali and Andrea Taraing I couldn’t watch it in one go. I started the movie almost as soon as it had come up on Netflix. But I had to stop it mid way. It was a big nope for me. Atleast back then it was. Today as I was browsing it came under the continue watching category and I was curious how it ended.
No is a good enough answer to avoid a lot of things. But when has no ever been taken for an answer in our society? I am not just talking about sexual harassment alone here. I am talking about that extra project your manager wants you to do so that he can go home soon. I am talking about that one outing your friend wants to do with you but you are just not up for it. I am talking about the menial stuff that we are forced to do because no is just not an answer there. The only time no is used in the answer is probably to say “No, you don’t have a choice” If saying yes means straightforward, saying no is just misunderstood.

Its just sad right? And I am not just talking about women alone in this predicament. I know quite a few guys who have been sexually harassed by girls because they couldn’t take no for an answer. The girls also obviously thought that they were doing the guys a favour. No my dear humans. What separates us from animals is probably the ability to think and say yes or no and also the ability to accept the given answer. Except we are slowly turning into animals by losing the ability to accept things. Why are we misunderstood? Me being me shouldn’t be that bad right? No… If I am myself then I am in for a depressing/tragic story pretty soon. I am taken for granted. A lot of presumptions made on my behalf. I never knew why it was that bad to express my true self. To live my life as I want. I don’t harm anyone right? I just go about my own little life and that apparently is not how I am supposed to live it.

Why is it such a hard thing? To just let a person be?


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