The Fan Girl in Me

There is this small part of me that’s pro geek. Almost as geeky as the guys in The Big Bang Theory who gush on and on about comicon. Guess I will have to thank my brother for that. This franchise was one of the few things that helped me share a tiny bonding moment with him. He introduced me to The Galaxy far far away. I sat next to him and watched dudes fight with what I called Laser Kathi at that time. It was fun to watch and still is fun to watch. As the Lucas Films name came up on the screen and the iconic music began I was grinning ear to ear. I am happy to be such a geek who would spend quite a bit and watch a movie on imax screen when I am broke af. These are the things that help one have some spice in life. Atleast these are the stuff that helped me cope up with life in a lot of places. And these are the same stuff that helped me get friends. I’m the one who keeps pestering my friends to go watch Marvel or DC movies when they are out. I’m the one who would do movie marathons at home watching the entire series while munching on a pizza. I’m the one who tries and learns more about these wonderful worlds so that I can talk more about it with other such geeks.

Star wars and Lord Of The Rings were two movies that still let’s me have a fan girl moment and have stars in my eyes. I sort of like the Star wars prequel movies. I don’t think it’s that bad given that Phantom Menace was the first one I ever watched. Also I think I like how The Last Jedi ended. It wasn’t how sequel movies were or how much of a twisted storyline they had. This was a bit fresh and gives a clean start for more upcoming movies.

Although I would miss Princess Leia and her witty dialogues I think this let’s the story move on from the Skywalker saga. As a fan I had enough fan girl moments and enough of a good story to be engrossed in.

– A fellow fan girl.

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