A Few Thank You-s

Another year is going to end. In a very long time I have more thank you notes to send out than any other message. 2017 has been in a way, a year of achievements. I finally packed up enough courage and quit my corporate job. The year didn’t start so well. But I think I am going to end it on a good note. I am proud of all that I have achieved this year. I finally got rid of all suicidal thoughts in my life. If anything I wish to live life to the fullest. A thought I hadn’t had in a very long time. I am learning a new language. I made a lot of new friends and something says that these are the kind of people I would look forward to spend time with. I learnt to walk away from drama.
I learnt to say no. No matter what name calling happens, I was strong with my answer. I am smiling and laughing a lot. Of course there are times of sadness and dark times where my depression demon wakes up. But then I am dealing it much better than I used to. I still got a long way to go though. A really long winding path. But I am not afraid now. I am looking forward to the journey. And it feels nice to do so.

I started travelling a lot. A lot more than I used to at least. I managed to scratch of a few things from my bucket list. A lot more to finish though. I now embraced my curls and am doing some things to maintain them. I also learnt to move on.

And last of all…. I learnt to love myself. Life is good.

Happy New Year 🙂

One thought on “A Few Thank You-s

  1. Lots of love and best wishes to you Raji ❤ I hope that beautiful innocent yet naughty kiddish smile stays forever on you 🙂 May this year bring in more fun filled events, new places to visit, new awesome people to meet, a much bigger bucket list to be fulfilled in your life… 🙂

    Happy New Year Dear 🙂
    Tight Hug & loads of love ❤ 🙂

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