Itshu me!

I’m a simple girl living in a complicated world trying to simplify it; at least around me. Stories often come to me in the form of reality. It could be something I experienced, read, observed, thought of…or sometimes I just write because I want to write. Being stuck in a dead-end job tends to make me look for creativity in other aspects of life. Luckily, I’m a creative person by nature. I’m not a pro at it but at least I enjoy it to the fullest. Isn’t life all about that? Trying to live happily in a competitive, fast paced world?

Whenever things get too much for me, I skip reality for a while and head into the stars. Figuratively, of course. Sunsets, some soothing, cheerful music buzzing in my ears, me belting out tunes giving a damn about who’s around or not… that’s my way of letting off steam. But oh how I wish I could really swim across the sky and wade in and out!

For someone who finds living a struggle every single minute, I don’t think I’m doing too badly. I’m fighting and surviving and that counts for something, doesn’t it? Often life tends to get the better of me and when it gets too much, creativity pops its head and I dive full steam in it. The “IT” could be anything from painting, sketching, doodling, baking (LOVE IT), knitting etc.

I have my struggles and my pain and my vices but who doesn’t? Life has not always treated me kindly and I have often lost more than I have gained. But one thing’s for sure… I will NEVER stop smiling and I will NEVER stop surviving. So there you go life, bring it on!


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