Color it off!

I just realized I keep adding exclamation points to most of my blog post titles. Oh well that is just me being me! Always expressive, always taking everything to heart and head and getting heated up over the tiniest of things. Short temper has been one of my most problematic traits. And pent up anger … Continue reading Color it off!


Wanna hitch a ride to The Ursa Major?

I never thought I would enjoy a science fiction novel to this extent that I finished it almost over night. So I read this famous book "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" written by Douglas Adams. A lot of my friends had recommended me to read it and assured me that I will love it. … Continue reading Wanna hitch a ride to The Ursa Major?

A subtle feel of love

I am not sure if this would count as a book review. But then I am just writing down what I felt after I finished reading the book "Star Dust" by Neil Gaiman. After I finished Star Dust, I was asking around for book suggestions, books like Star Dust and a witty friend of mine … Continue reading A subtle feel of love