Most Debated Movie Of The Year!

Well towards the end of the year I kept seeing people debating about a certain mass entertainer movie. Whether it was good or not, whether it was a women empowerment movie or not, whether it was a sports movie or not... In that a lot of people missed out on an actual sports movie that … Continue reading Most Debated Movie Of The Year!

Take Me as I Am, Whoever I Am

I am sure this title would be self explanatory on what I am trying to talk about. It is this series called Modern Love that is streaming on Amazon Prime. It was making its rounds on social media and I was intrigued. So I sat down to watch it during some free time. And dayuummmnnnn... … Continue reading Take Me as I Am, Whoever I Am

Naan Meresal Aagiten!

So basically this guy put like some 20 movie scripts in a blender and got a final script and decided to call it his. Also add a few good actors like sathyaraj and s.j.surya to make the audience feel/relate something with the characters.  ##### SPOILER ALERT ##### I would like to start by requesting someone … Continue reading Naan Meresal Aagiten!

Kingsman : The Golden Circle

  Kingsman paathutennnnnn!!!! (I saw Kingsman) So the Kingsman join hands with the Statesman and try to save the world. This is basically the story. Add in some awesome actors, a little bit of sentiment and some cool robot stuff - you get a nice enough spy movie that mocks itself. *SPOILER ALERT* The first … Continue reading Kingsman : The Golden Circle

Baby Driver – Cool stuff bro!

I saw this trailer like a few weeks back and thought it was an interesting movie. Didn't think much about it beyond that. I am not a hard core movie buff to know Edgar Wright (Actually any movie buff would know him I suppose) But I did not follow this particular director or his works … Continue reading Baby Driver – Cool stuff bro!

Thanks Disney!

Thank you!  Thank you for letting me relive my all time favorite fairy tale one more time.  Thank you for making me relate to Belle so much. I know how it feels to be a cast out character.  Thank you for choosing a beautiful Belle. I don't think anyone else could have done it better.  … Continue reading Thanks Disney!