A-Z Food Cravings: Tea

The post for T was guest written by my dear friend Megha who blogs at Vaayla Saturn. She is also doing the A-Z Challenge and you could read them here. The elixir of life that saves many people from succumbing to suicide or from murdering their bosses, the brown coloured beauty which reiterates the fact … Continue reading A-Z Food Cravings: Tea

A-Z Food Cravings: Shawarma

I Β don't remember when I Β first tasted a shawarma. But a long time ago I Β used to wonder what that weird looking kebab pole was used for. So yeah once i knew what this food item was I pretty much got addicted to the juicy meat, the hummus or mayo, the fresh veggies all wrapped … Continue reading A-Z Food Cravings: Shawarma