Baby Driver – Cool stuff bro!

I saw this trailer like a few weeks back and thought it was an interesting movie. Didn't think much about it beyond that. I am not a hard core movie buff to know Edgar Wright (Actually any movie buff would know him I suppose) But I did not follow this particular director or his works … Continue reading Baby Driver – Cool stuff bro!

What does your heart say?

Gandhari tries the good old way of winning a man's heart through his stomach. She cooks for him some of the specialty dishes from her place. But good old dumb blind guy still goes berserk over her simple words of wanting to welcome Pandu and Kunthi. I mean why is this guy so hell bent … Continue reading What does your heart say?

Umbilical Cord

####Today I got a rather surprising visit from someone I never expected. I had seen her working in the children’s block. And she seemed to always have this cheerful aura around her. Guess that is why they wanted her to work with the little ones.  I know I am not supposed to discuss a client … Continue reading Umbilical Cord


####“Hey kitty cat...” the elder lady hugged the younger looking one earning a scowl for her comment. “You will never stop calling me that, will you?” they started walking towards the parking lot. “That’s because you are a kitty cat.” The other girl decided not to say anything and hailed a cab. “How far is … Continue reading Trippy