“Well that was a hearty dinner…” Vedh spoke as Iniya got inside the car. Even after spending the entire evening with her he was still not able to digest the fact that she looked amazingly beautiful in saree. “Yeah says the guy who hesitated to come in the first place.” She was completely oblivious to … Continue reading Maybe…


Travel Times – Goa 

So I  finally found a good enough travel buddy who agreed to put up with me for a journey. We decided we shall start from the party town of Goa. Now there are a lot of ways to get there. The train fare and air fare will be almost the same given you book it … Continue reading Travel Times – Goa 

My Beach Getaway

We all need a certain escape from reality every now and then right? But then planning a trip, doing research about various tourist spots, booking tickets, arranging accommodation... Wow! That sure is a long list and it sort of keeps going on. And then the final touch down will be when the friends with whom … Continue reading My Beach Getaway