The Red Saree

Previously...Annie was getting ready to meet her fiance at the art gallery. As she finished putting on the red lipstick she checked the time. She still had a good one hour to go. The sky was pretty dark already. "I better get a cab before it starts raining." she thought. ***Not wasting a minute Prakash fished out his … Continue reading The Red Saree


To my beloved darling…

Dear Cutie,He he... It is funny. You hate being addressed as dear or cutie and that is exactly how I am starting this letter. For all I know you would be frowning at the very words and leave out the entire letter that follows it.You are cute that way. That kiddish frown you make only … Continue reading To my beloved darling…

The Promise and a Ring

"Hey Surya... Where did you get this pendant? It is really pretty!" The elder lady spoke looking at the said girl's neck. Had it been a guy whose eyes were fixated there he would have gotten a slap from her by now."Oh this one! I got it from Stylori. It is called Winter Leaves!" Surya beamed as … Continue reading The Promise and a Ring