My kind of meditation

Not sure about a lot of people but nature always has a calming effect on me. The sky, the sea, the moon... Things that are far away from man's intelligence and knowledge. I have written quite a bit about the moon. But what about the counterpart? The sun. Sun rise and Sun sets are always … Continue reading My kind of meditation


Er… No! Re…

I generally look up the daily post prompts. To see if something at all makes me write. Today's (or yesterday's) prompt was Center. While I scrolled through most of the posts I noticed that almost all of them were about being the center of the universe and attention seeking and what not. But you get the … Continue reading Er… No! Re…

I’m Me.

In response to The Daily Post's writing prompt: "Long Exposure." As soon as I saw the words Long Exposure I thought this was going to be one of those prompts about photography. And I am no expert at all the technical talk when it comes to photography. I just take a few good pictures. But … Continue reading I’m Me.