Achievement – Step One

Blogging and writing has been something that has been helping me to cope with my depression and anxiety issues. This is one place where I have been able to speak out, cry, laugh and what not. So I am here again sharing something that is making me happy. If I am happy, I wish to … Continue reading Achievement – Step One


700 days of Epilepsy

This is not an informative article. Nor am I writing it to create awareness of any kind. I am not against the medical system in our country. I have got nothing against doctors or the health care system. This is purely a rant. A detailed essay about one misdiagnosis that left me scarred and scared … Continue reading 700 days of Epilepsy

Umbilical Cord

####Today I got a rather surprising visit from someone I never expected. I had seen her working in the childrenโ€™s block. And she seemed to always have this cheerful aura around her. Guess that is why they wanted her to work with the little ones.ย  I know I am not supposed to discuss a client … Continue reading Umbilical Cord