My little Sanctuary

Lately my life has been falling apart step by step. Almost in a systematic way. Getting rejected is one thing. But not even getting a response hurts on a whole new level. Because rejection leaves you no space to develop a hope of any sort. The prospect of getting a positive reply and then never … Continue reading My little Sanctuary


Late night delivery

Ramya sat in her room browsing through the restaurants that offered late night food delivery. It was around 1 am and she had the sudden craving for some briyani. Given that she hadn't eaten anything since brunch didn't help her much.¬†Opening one such restaurant's site she quickly looked through the menu. They had briyani within … Continue reading Late night delivery

From the Brown Study

This blog has pretty much been the rants and views of a girl who really can't shut up. But then I value most of my male friend's views. We usually have healthy debates and arguments. One such conversation was about how guys don't express themselves as much as a girl does. Most of the boys … Continue reading From the Brown Study