Achievement – Step One

Blogging and writing has been something that has been helping me to cope with my depression and anxiety issues. This is one place where I have been able to speak out, cry, laugh and what not. So I am here again sharing something that is making me happy. If I am happy, I wish to … Continue reading Achievement – Step One


A to Z Challenge: F

Five centimeter per second: In the year 2012(or 2011,not sure) I befriended a movie freak on twitter. We spoke a lot about movies and I enjoyed listening to his passion that we would talk for hours together. One fine day he asked me to watch this anime movie called 5 cm per second and come … Continue reading A to Z Challenge: F

I Struggled but Overcame…

College life for most of you would be the best time of your life right? The most fun you had? The best of friendships and relationships? Well... For me it was everything but that. 2013 May 6th I got my NOC certificate from college and was pretty happy to walk away from that building for … Continue reading I Struggled but Overcame…

Some Coffee and a Story to go with it

"How old were you?" he asked sipping on the hot coffee."Huh... I was in 8th grade. So I guess around 13?""Okay... Continue..."She gave him one playful look. But started narrating."It was after that year's cultural program. Until then I had no idea that such a guy was in my school. One of the new girls … Continue reading Some Coffee and a Story to go with it

From the Brown Study

This blog has pretty much been the rants and views of a girl who really can't shut up. But then I value most of my male friend's views. We usually have healthy debates and arguments. One such conversation was about how guys don't express themselves as much as a girl does. Most of the boys … Continue reading From the Brown Study

I had a blast there!

Its not everyday that you are invited to a Ranch which lets you try out all the recreational activities along with your close buddies. Getting a cab to the place did cost a bomb. But then it sure was worth it by the end of the day.  We were welcomed with a nice refreshing welcome … Continue reading I had a blast there!

The Promise and a Ring

"Hey Surya... Where did you get this pendant? It is really pretty!" The elder lady spoke looking at the said girl's neck. Had it been a guy whose eyes were fixated there he would have gotten a slap from her by now."Oh this one! I got it from Stylori. It is called Winter Leaves!" Surya beamed as … Continue reading The Promise and a Ring