Achievement – Step One

Blogging and writing has been something that has been helping me to cope with my depression and anxiety issues. This is one place where I have been able to speak out, cry, laugh and what not. So I am here again sharing something that is making me happy. If I am happy, I wish to … Continue reading Achievement – Step One


Love, Live & Smile

I distinctively remember how 2015 began for me. We were in the middle of a forest area. By we, I mean me and some of my colleagues. That was the first time I had made a trip specifically meant for New Year. I remember getting an unexpected patch-up message in the form of a New … Continue reading Love, Live & Smile

Affliction Diverted

It sure has been a while since I wrote here. Or as a matter of fact anywhere. Well on to the story####Susi picked up the paper from the door step and glanced through it as she sipped on her morning tea. Although news was usually boring for her, one particular article caught her attention. Setting … Continue reading Affliction Diverted