Just a fine line

Dhrithirashtra leaves the courtroom, his heart filled with all kinds of negative feelings. Only Gandhari has the heart to go after him. Although he hates her presence, she feels bad for him. She feels bad that her husband has been made a victim of unjustness. Just then a servant guy comes in to inform dumb … Continue reading Just a fine line

Actual Intention…

I am so sorry that I had missed the previous episode. So what happened is that Gandhari comes in with her eyes blindfolded and shocks everyone present in the marriage hall. While Dhrithirashtra is filled with part infatuation as soon as he hears Gandhari enters, he detests her as soon as he learns that she … Continue reading Actual Intention…

Dreams and Desired- Shattered!

Saguni is a lethal, selfish bastard! But, he is also this sweet elder brother who would do anything just to see a smile on his sister's face. The only soft tissue he has left in his heart belongs to his sister alone! Nobody else! Not even his wife or anyone for that matter. He went … Continue reading Dreams and Desired- Shattered!

Nothing but Karma!

Finally the battle gets even when Bheeshma starts fighting back. The silent but eager spectators are Ganga and Ambai. While Ambai just wants to se Bheeshma's head rolling near her feet, Ganga is a bit terrified about the fight as it is. Both of them finally bring out their biggest weapons. Parashuram's ax and Bheeshma's … Continue reading Nothing but Karma!


So there was a small confusion in my previous post. Niyoga (also pronounced as Nyoga) is a method used in royal families when a king dies without leaving a heir to the throne. The queen is allowed to have intercourse with another man just so that she gets pregnant. There are two different versions of … Continue reading Acceptance!

Whom Should I Thank?

It is the 5th of September when we see most of our school teachers with a nice smile on their faces. Every student will be wishing them no matter what. And with every "Happy Teachers' Day" their smile just broadens if that is even possible. Well the obligation to wish our teachers as soon as … Continue reading Whom Should I Thank?

Choices… Choices everywhere…

It all starts from "Color color what color do you choose?" The small rhyme we sing before choosing a color from the 4 cups our friends show us. That is where we probably start the art of choosing in our lives. Well for kids nowadays it starts from which model mobile they need. Yes! some … Continue reading Choices… Choices everywhere…