Choosing The Perfect Outfit!

Its raining weddings and engagements these past few weeks. On one side it sure is the best time to meet all your friends, dress up your best and have fun. On the other side it is a tad bit annoying when you have to literally bounce from one wedding venue to the other because atleast … Continue reading Choosing The Perfect Outfit!


Hey Honey…

What happens when two people who have mutual interests go on a date? Well read and find out! @@@@“So why are you two fighting again?” Jai asked as he sipped on the beer. It was their usual sports night. But unlike Jai his buddy Harish wasn’t that excited about it. He had been pretty silent since … Continue reading Hey Honey…

Late night delivery

Ramya sat in her room browsing through the restaurants that offered late night food delivery. It was around 1 am and she had the sudden craving for some briyani. Given that she hadn't eaten anything since brunch didn't help her much. Opening one such restaurant's site she quickly looked through the menu. They had briyani within … Continue reading Late night delivery

A to Z Challenge: R

Ratatouille I sure had such a hard time learning to pronounce this name at first. I was still in school and that was pretty much the time broadband internet was introduced. My brother somehow managed to download a very nice print of this movie and copied it to a CD. Since I loved anything related … Continue reading A to Z Challenge: R