Baby Driver – Cool stuff bro!

I saw this trailer like a few weeks back and thought it was an interesting movie. Didn't think much about it beyond that. I am not a hard core movie buff to know Edgar Wright (Actually any movie buff would know him I suppose) But I did not follow this particular director or his works … Continue reading Baby Driver – Cool stuff bro!

இறைவி- okay?? So??

I pretty much walked out of the screen with the exact feel once the movie got over.  Now all those sweethearts saying this is a cult movie and all, please... Stfu!  First learn what cult movie means and then celebrate it. If you knew what that meant you won't actually celebrate this half cooked movie. … Continue reading இறைவி- okay?? So??

Yemma Neerja

When you are making a film based on real life incidents one should try to select casting based on the actual characters. So that it accentuates the actual story. The movie Neerja went wrong in that very aspect. It was supposed to be a movie depicting the heroic quick wilted actions of a stewardess that … Continue reading Yemma Neerja

Bangalore Da… Umm… No…!

The title is pretty much everyone’s reaction while watching the movies. This is applicable especially for the ones who had seen the original Malayalam movie and loved it. I am not saying they ruined the movie. But the casting could have definitely been better. Goodness Gracious??? If you are copying a movie and even the … Continue reading Bangalore Da… Umm… No…!