I Struggled but Overcame…

College life for most of you would be the best time of your life right? The most fun you had? The best of friendships and relationships? Well... For me it was everything but that. 2013 May 6th I got my NOC certificate from college and was pretty happy to walk away from that building for … Continue reading I Struggled but Overcame…


“I” am disappointed!

After completely exhausting 3 hours and going straight to bed, I honestly don’t remember much from the legendary movie “I” This breaks my record of longest movie ‘I’ have ever watched. Previously it was Wolf of Wall Street. But that movie did not make me yawn or look at my phone to check the time. … Continue reading “I” am disappointed!

Just a fine line

Dhrithirashtra leaves the courtroom, his heart filled with all kinds of negative feelings. Only Gandhari has the heart to go after him. Although he hates her presence, she feels bad for him. She feels bad that her husband has been made a victim of unjustness. Just then a servant guy comes in to inform dumb … Continue reading Just a fine line

A grudge!

Agilam potrum Bharatham Idhu inaiyilladha kaaviyam As Ambai stands there demanding justice. The justice that she deserves. Bheeshma says that what she had planned in her Swayamvara is wrong. While she claims what Bheeshma did was wrong. So she says that he ought to marry her, since he was the one who won her in … Continue reading A grudge!