For The Man in my Life

Prem didn't feel like going to the lawyers at all. But he couldn't put it off anymore. The lawyer had already called him a number of times to come and collect the will. They had already finished reading the will. All that was left was for Prem to sign off a few documents. When the … Continue reading For The Man in my Life


The Day Dream

“Will you be my date?” he asked her holding her hand in his. She was confused. “Did you get short term remembering loss? We have been dating for the past eight months.” Mandira went back to drinking her cold coffee. Kiran laughed at her reply. “I was asking you to be my date for Sujay’s … Continue reading The Day Dream

The Promise and a Ring

"Hey Surya... Where did you get this pendant? It is really pretty!" The elder lady spoke looking at the said girl's neck. Had it been a guy whose eyes were fixated there he would have gotten a slap from her by now."Oh this one! I got it from Stylori. It is called Winter Leaves!" Surya beamed as … Continue reading The Promise and a Ring