All about Love

 Ah! After a while I am posting a story and boy Love is in the air!! So I thought why not write about it....On to the story...“Its 12:30pm now and you are listening to All about Love with me; your all time favourite, Nara! Today’s question is: What is the one thing that you will … Continue reading All about Love

A not so normal friday night!

It sure has been a while now! Well don't let me waste your time now. On to the story! The place was packed. Just what I wanted actually! I mean no sarcasm here. Maybe there is a tiny bit of sarcasm, but that is not the matter at hand now. We both occupied a table … Continue reading A not so normal friday night!

Small but True Smile!

Lately I have had little to no inspiration to sit and write. Not just stories, but even my journal or anything for that matter. I keep asking myself what has happened to me? I used to pen down plots for at least 2 stories /fan-fictions per day. Now I am not even able to continue … Continue reading Small but True Smile!

Just an hour

To: BindhuFrom: AnilSubject: Enticing one hour of my life!!!Hey Bins!!!!How are you? Are you done with your god damn PhD? It’s boring here without my personal entertainer… I know you are rolling your eyes now and now you will have a stupid smile because I just know you so well. You could be wondering why … Continue reading Just an hour

The Funny Story About Bus Ride

I know that I am kind of digging my own grave my writing this post, much rather writing this blog. Not exactly the whole blog! Some people do like my stories. Its apparently these rantings that many people are not interested in. It does make my blog looks like a personal diary!But honestly people! It … Continue reading The Funny Story About Bus Ride