Music to my ears…

My earliest memory of music was singing very wrong lyrics to a Tamil song that was played on Pepsi Ungal Choice and letting my aunt record it. This is the song, you guys can guess the wrong lyrics... After that it was a random song here and there but I was always obsessed with … Continue reading Music to my ears…

Naan Meresal Aagiten!

So basically this guy put like some 20 movie scripts in a blender and got a final script and decided to call it his. Also add a few good actors like sathyaraj and s.j.surya to make the audience feel/relate something with the characters.  ##### SPOILER ALERT ##### I would like to start by requesting someone … Continue reading Naan Meresal Aagiten!

A New World? Seriously?

If you do not know how the Bible story happens or if you want a parody of the jesus story you could choose this awesomatic of the aaromale movie Zero. If you watch the trailer you would think this is a fantasy movie and go in hoping there will be scary stuff. But what you … Continue reading A New World? Seriously?

Bangalore Da… Umm… No…!

The title is pretty much everyone’s reaction while watching the movies. This is applicable especially for the ones who had seen the original Malayalam movie and loved it. I am not saying they ruined the movie. But the casting could have definitely been better. Goodness Gracious??? If you are copying a movie and even the … Continue reading Bangalore Da… Umm… No…!

“I” am disappointed!

After completely exhausting 3 hours and going straight to bed, I honestly don’t remember much from the legendary movie “I” This breaks my record of longest movie ‘I’ have ever watched. Previously it was Wolf of Wall Street. But that movie did not make me yawn or look at my phone to check the time. … Continue reading “I” am disappointed!

A Subtle Entrance!

A big army was coming for them. Coming to light a big fire. A fire which is going to destroy everything as it is in the coming years. Spies and scouts-men describe this majestic person who is leading the army. Gandhari's father realizes that this man is none other than Bheeshma. What isn't revealed is … Continue reading A Subtle Entrance!

Nothing but Karma!

Finally the battle gets even when Bheeshma starts fighting back. The silent but eager spectators are Ganga and Ambai. While Ambai just wants to se Bheeshma's head rolling near her feet, Ganga is a bit terrified about the fight as it is. Both of them finally bring out their biggest weapons. Parashuram's ax and Bheeshma's … Continue reading Nothing but Karma!

No heir? No problem!

The drunkard spoilt brat dies right before he could start climbing the stairs to the throne. How ironic! The same brat for whom Bheeshma had taken that oath of Bachelorhood died ending the dynasty there. He dies leaving no heir to the throne. Just two new wives! Poor Bheeshma loses hope. I mean who wouldn't? … Continue reading No heir? No problem!