A Selfie Request

"Yes. Be casual. So how did you two meet?" "Do we really have to do this?" An awkward looking Ajay asked hoping to get away from it. "Yes!" His sister's voice boomed from the background. Chuckling at the response, Preetha spoke "We met basically because I wanted to get fit." "I started jogging about year … Continue reading A Selfie Request


Fudgy Brownie

Ingredients:  140 gm Unsalted Butter 280 gm Sugar 60 gm Flour 75 gm Cocoa Powder 3 Eggs 1 teaspoon vanilla essence 1 cup Chopped Walnuts Preparation: Mix sugar, butter and cocoa powder in a sauce pan and heat on low heat until butter melts Add eggs and mix in Add vanilla essence Add the flour … Continue reading Fudgy Brownie