Naan Meresal Aagiten!

So basically this guy put like some 20 movie scripts in a blender and got a final script and decided to call it his. Also add a few good actors like sathyaraj and s.j.surya to make the audience feel/relate something with the characters.  ##### SPOILER ALERT ##### I would like to start by requesting someone … Continue reading Naan Meresal Aagiten!

What does your heart say?

Gandhari tries the good old way of winning a man's heart through his stomach. She cooks for him some of the specialty dishes from her place. But good old dumb blind guy still goes berserk over her simple words of wanting to welcome Pandu and Kunthi. I mean why is this guy so hell bent … Continue reading What does your heart say?

A secret never to be revealed

Vidhura, Pandu, Bheeshma and Sathyavathi are in deep discussion about how to gain strength against Jarasandhan in Mathura. Dhrithirashtra comes in accompanied by dear Saguni and confronts them. Asking how could Pandu be coronated while he is still single. Asking how could the younger brother be made king while the elder one is still there. … Continue reading A secret never to be revealed

Just a fine line

Dhrithirashtra leaves the courtroom, his heart filled with all kinds of negative feelings. Only Gandhari has the heart to go after him. Although he hates her presence, she feels bad for him. She feels bad that her husband has been made a victim of unjustness. Just then a servant guy comes in to inform dumb … Continue reading Just a fine line

Actual Intention…

I am so sorry that I had missed the previous episode. So what happened is that Gandhari comes in with her eyes blindfolded and shocks everyone present in the marriage hall. While Dhrithirashtra is filled with part infatuation as soon as he hears Gandhari enters, he detests her as soon as he learns that she … Continue reading Actual Intention…

Disability? Nope! Inability!

We are shown the heroics of Dhrithirashtra. He tries capturing three wild elephants inside an arena. Oh! the irony of it! Just because he wanted to prove that he is capable in front of citizens about whom he gives no care he decides to do something so stupid like this. And when he puts himself … Continue reading Disability? Nope! Inability!

A Subtle Entrance!

A big army was coming for them. Coming to light a big fire. A fire which is going to destroy everything as it is in the coming years. Spies and scouts-men describe this majestic person who is leading the army. Gandhari's father realizes that this man is none other than Bheeshma. What isn't revealed is … Continue reading A Subtle Entrance!